Spend Matters 50/50: KPMG – A Provider To Know in 2015

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... KPMG, which has quietly become one of the largest global procurement and operations consulting firms in the past couple of years. The practice now counts more than 900 consultants as team members ... Curiously, KPMG has not just built a traditional consultancy-type delivery model for procurement ... Rather, it’s building a new type of professional services-driven model, which is somewhat remarkable given how conservative the Big 5 have been historically.

Arguably, within procurement, KPMG looks more like a strategy consultancy, managed services provider and hybrid solution integrator — it decides on preferred partners based on its own technology selection ...

There's more here on what our US colleagues have to say, but in Europe KPMG is also strong, although maybe the operating model is not quite as "advanced" as our US colleagues describe in their article. But the firm will rightly be on most shortlists for major procurement change programmes, strategy assignments and indeed procurement systems implementations - witness their strategic alliance with Coupa.

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