Spend Matters 50/50: Sievo – A Provider to Watch in 2015

100 companies - 100 days

We announced here and here our two (not ranked) lists: Spend Matters 50 To Know and 50 To Watch firms for 2015/2016. In the first case, this is our view of the 50 solution provider type organisations in the procurement industry that every senior procurement leader should be aware of and understand. The 50 To Watch are the up-and-coming firms  - those with interesting and relatively new solutions for our market. The 50 To Know are the key organisations in our industry that procurement executives should have on their radar.

Having announced the lists, our US colleagues are now featuring each of the 100 firms in turn with an article giving an overview of each, with some headline Spend Matters thoughts on them. So on this site we will be giving you a brief extract of the US article, plus adding our own comments where we have anything useful to add from a European perspective. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t!

Here is what our US colleagues had to say about Sievo:

"Spend Matters has been following Sievo’s progress for 5 years or so now, after being fascinated by its software from the first encounter. The cloud-based solution is focused on spend analytics, and its uniqueness is the most detailed savings measurement and tracking tool in the market. The software analyzes spend, drawing data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other sources, and like most analytics products, can provide a breakdown by supplier, spend category and so on.

But then the clever part kicks in. The user can identify and separate out the various drivers of price movements. So the system analyzes and identifies the changes in spend that are driven by volume effects, by currency movements and by market price movements".

You can read more on what our US site has to say on Sievo here.   The firm is probably stronger overall in continental Europe than it is in the US or even the UK; the founders, who are still in charge, are Finnish, and northern Europe is really the stronghold for the firm. There is a some limited UK presence now, with more support coming from the offices in Helsinki and France. We put together a case study for the firm earlier this year, looking at the French transport firm SNCF and how they have used the product - you can still download that here. 

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