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This won't be the most exciting article you read, but I thought it was time to re-affirm our principles here at Spend Matters UK/Europe.

Everything you read here, and in the various research papers, briefs, or other material I produce, and the content you hear when I speak at events, or on Webinars, is developed based purely on my own experience, knowledge, views and beliefs.

Commercial considerations do not come into the creation and content of this material. Clearly, we have sponsors, who receive advertising (their logos on the website), lead generation (the details of people who download papers, for instance), or my presence at their events. But all our intellectual property is independent and unbiased.

Now clearly, I will discuss a topic with sponsors before I write a research paper, for instance. And it is likely to be a subject that they are interested in, or one where promulgating interest in the subject might help them. (Although even that's not always true - it may just be a topic we feel is interesting for the audience, such as the "Four Faces of Procurement" paper recently).

And if I write a paper about market-informed sourcing (optimisation), I may give our honest views of who the leading solutions providers might be. But as anyone who has read our material can hopefully see, it is not sales literature for a particular firm or firms. If I say that I think CPOs should make sure they're familiar with market-informed sourcing principles, that's because I really believe it.

Our sponsors are the firms you see listed here on the site. There are others who I may work from time to time, and don't have their logos here - we published a paper in conjunction with Xchanging recently, for instance. That is always flagged up and it is obvious who is sponsoring - and, as I said above, it will always be written from a genuinely independent perspective anyway.

If you see me chairing a conference or workshop, you can probably assume I'm being paid by the promoter (unless I am doing my pro-bono thing e.g. the COUP Universities conference in September, which I'm doing without charging as it's a good cause).

Equally, you will notice we feature firms regularly with whom we have no commercial relationship. Sievo are a good example - we have probably promoted their software as positively as any firm we’ve featured over the last three years. We have done that because we think that it is an interesting product that more people should know about. Never had a penny in revenue from them!

I still do some consulting work - and the same principle applies. I give advice absolutely 100% independently of other commercial considerations. Clearly, I would not have any credibility as an adviser if clients thought I was recommending software or other solution providers because they were paying me! I've never even worked on a "referral" basis (where the adviser gets paid if their client chooses a particularly provider) because that also seemed to compromise my independence.

All of this is important. We believe that readers of Spend Matters, consulting clients, and even sponsors value our independence very highly. I can categorically assure you that I have never compromised that principle.

End of boring article...back to normal later!

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