Spend Matters Almanac, 50 to Know and 50 to Watch

Exciting news from Spend Matters today. Sheena mentioned this in her US round up last week, but this is my first time covering our news.

We are about the launch the Spend Matters Almanac. This has been some time in gestation, but we’re ready to go now with what will be THE definitive resource in terms of information about solution providers in the procurement and supply chain space. That includes software, services, research, outsourcing, and consulting firms (even membership organisations) whose products and services areas aimed at the procurement and supply chain user .  In fact, going back to our post on Monday,  which explained why you should treat procurement solutions as a spend category, it is exactly those people  you need to be aware of as a procurement executive.

As part of the Almanac process, we are also for the first time announcing the Spend Matters 50 to Know  and Spend Matters 50 to Watch. These are two lists each containing our choice of 50 organisations – solution providers in some way to the procurement world, including organisations from all those areas mentioned above.

Now we want to be clear – neither SM 50 is the ‘best’ 50 firms in our  solutions world. The way we selected the 50 to Know  was to imagine that we were asked this question by a new CPO – perhaps even someone who had come into the profession from another field

“Which organisations who supply procurement solutions should I know at least a bit about so I can sound knowledgeable if someone asks me why we are / aren’t using them”?

So you won’t be surprised at who is in that list in the main. Heck, you can probably think of 30 or so yourself straight off if you’ve been around in this world for a while.  Hint – SAP are in there...

Then we have the ’50 to Watch’. Again, this is not the ’best’ firms, or a suggested short-list for buyers of these services. Rather, it is our somewhat subjective selection, but based on considerable experience and knowledge, I should say, of organisations that might not yet be in that SM50 to Know but are worth checking out, because they are doing something clever, interesting or different. Some don’t have a broad geographic coverage yet, or operate in pretty esoteric niches, but Spend Matters has found all of them interesting and worth featuring for our readers.

What if your firm is not in either list? Well, we might not know about you, even though we do know more providers than most.  There’s an obvious response to that – tell us. The lists will be refreshed annually.

Or we do know you , but you just didn’t quite make it into the lists – we’re happy to explain why. It doesn’t mean that we don’t think you’re a great organisation. But as explained earlier, this is not an analysis based on 73 criteria and 15 reference sites. It is our views, not made lightly (you have no idea of some of the internal fighting over this), based on hard experience, but with no pretence of great analytical methodology.  However, if I was buying procurement technology I know who I would ask for advice - and my colleagues Busch, Mitchell and Kase would be VERY high on my list.

We should also point out that this has nothing to do with who sponsors us. I can absolutely guarantee that. Indeed, you will see firms who (how shall I put it) don’t always see eye to eye with us on the list.

And if you want to read more about the initiative, here is a post from Jason Busch on our US site with some further details. If you are a provider, we should be in touch about including you in the Almanac (whether or not you are in the lists) or do contact us directly if you like.

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