Spend Matters Almanac – the 50 To Know in the Procurement Solutions World

Last week, Spend Matters launched our 50 To Know and 50 To Watch lists for 2015/16. (Our US sister company had the first announcements here and here).

These lists – not rankings, we would stress - represent our view of the key organisations in our industry that procurement executives need to have one their radar. So to explain more about the concept, I conducted a fearless, no-holds-barred interview with myself.

So Peter, put down that large glass of Chilean Merlot and tell me, how exactly do you come up with these lists?

Well, the Spend Matters team, now in North and Central America, the UK and Netherlands, talk to thousands of people in our industry every year, we look at hundreds of organisations providing services to the procurement “industry” and we have dozens of product demos or reference site reviews looking in more depth at procurement software, solutions and products. That gives us great insight into the key firms (and not-for-profits) selling into our industry. Then, over a period of time, to put the lists together, we have a number of discussions, arguments, fist fights, and calls to come up with our team consensus lists.

 That all sounds a bit subjective?

So what’s your problem, Peter? Look, there are pros and cons with any list of this sort. We could de-construct ‘magic quadrants’ and question whether many of the survey-based lists are anything close to objective. And at least with people like Jason Busch, David Gustin, Thomas Kase, Pierre Mitchell, Xavier Olivera, we have a team who understand the procurement solutions market and the players better than pretty much anyone else in the world.

Which areas do the lists cover?

The full range of software (source to pay, P2P, supplier risk and information, analytics, etc), consulting, research, outsourcing services, and membership organisations – all with that procurement focus of course. We’ve probably gone a little further into the eInvoicing and supply chain finance world too this year. We haven’t included media organisations, not so much because they are our competitors but just we’re already short of space! We don’t have a quota for each of those sectors but we do try and get a spread. And there is no ranking within the list.

What can firms do that aren’t on the list, and think they should be?

Make sure we know about you! We don’t claim to know everyone globally in our sector. But even once we know you, there are no guarantees. Keeping it to 50 means it is a tight list. I mean, I can think of 3 or 4 UK-based firms in the eSourcing / source to pay market that are good firms, have many satisfied customers but didn’t make it, just because there are so many firms in those sectors that are good.

 And if we are on the list?

Any organisation, on the lists or not, can have a free entry in our on-line Almanac. Those on the lists receive an enhanced entry. And if you want to get more coverage, multiple listings and so on you can talk to us about the commercial arrangements for that.

 What’s the difference between the two lists?

The 50 to Know covers those organisations that are the leaders in different sectors of our market. The way we first thought about this was simple. If a new CPO, maybe someone who has come into procurement from another function, asked us “which 50 organisations should I take a look at or meet in my first few months?” - then this is our answer. It doesn’t mean we think they are “the best,” but they need to be on the CPO's radar, for sure.

What about the 50 to Watch?

I’ll tell you tomorrow. Here is the 50 to Know list.


Accenture (including Procurian)
A.T. Kearney
CAPS Research
Censeo Consulting
Concur (now part of SAP)
Corporate United
Fieldglass (an SAP company)
GXS (OpenText)
Hiperos/Opus Global
Iasta (now part of Selectica)
ISG (Insight Sourcing Group)/Spend HQ
Prime Revenue
Procurement Leaders
SciQuest (Spend Radar, CombineNet)
Sourcing Interests Group (SIG)
Smart Cube
The Hackett Group
Trade Extensions

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Voices (3)

  1. Thierry Parisot:

    What about B-pack (now part of Selectica), Capgemini/IBX, Oalia, Ordiges, Perfect Commerce, Synertrade, Walmedien, etc. ???

    1. Peter Smith:

      Have a look at the full list – think you will find some of the firms you mention are on there. Others we considered and felt they just didn’t quite make it – and to be honest, two on your list I don’t know (although my US colleagues might). I’m off to Google them now – thanks for this!

  2. David Atkinson:

    Shurely shome mistake.

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