Spend Matters and Zycus Webinar – Putting the Supplier at the Heart of Procurement

A reminder that you can register now for a free webinar on June 5th featuring not just me but also my US colleague Jason Busch, (who forgets every day before breakfast more about procurement technology than I‘ve ever known in my life), and Richard Waugh of Zycus.

It’s titled “Putting the Supplier at the Heart of Procurement” and it is being held at on June 5th at 5pm UK time (that’s  6pm in continental western Europe, and 12 noon  on the East Coast of the US).

We’re going to be talking about why category management is being challenged by supplier management as a central precept of procurement thinking, and what that means in practical terms.

  • Why should you consider making “the supplier” more central to the whole way you think about procurement?
  • What should you do if you actually want to reflect that thinking?
  • Is there a difference between “Supplier Management” and “Supplier Relationship Management”?
  • How can you be irresistible to the opposite sex and guarantee to win the lottery nest week?

OK, I’m lying about the last one.

Btu we will try and explain just what supplier management actually means and why supplier information and a supplier-centric approach can bring serious benefits to organisations. There are also some interesting thoughts around why this focus might also help the procurement function develop greater credibility with internal stakeholders.

Do register now for the event now using this link.  Then even if you can’t make it you can listen later – and everyone who does register will get a pre-publication copy of our new briefing paper, Putting the Supplier at the Heart of Procurement – catchier and much more enjoyable than a UK Eurovision entry, we guarantee you that.

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