Spend Matters and Zycus Webinar – Putting the Supplier at the Heart of Procurement

We’re pleased to announce a forthcoming Spend Matters webinar, presented in conjunction with the nice people at Zycus. It’s titled “Putting the Supplier at the Heart of Procurement” and it is being held at on June 5th at 5pm UK time (that’s  6pm in continental western Europe, and 12 noon  on the East Coast of the US).

There’s a Spend Matters Perspectives briefing paper coming out too n the same topic shortly as well.

Why Supplier Management? Well, there’s a lot of talk around at the moment about it as a topic, linked to the need for better information and data, risk management and the need to capture more from suppliers – not just value for money but innovation and contribution to the top line as well as the bottom. Indeed, we will be asking – is Supplier Management becoming more important than Category Management? Is it the long-awaited “next big thing” in procurement?

Risk is obviously a huge area in itself, and understanding your suppliers and supply chains has gone way up the agenda for many organisations – whether that’s driven by concern over labour practices in Bangladesh, exposure to natural disasters, or simply supplier performance issues. We’ll certainly cover that in the webinar as well.

I’m going to be speaking, as is my esteemed colleague from Spend Matters US, Jason Busch, and Richard Waugh from Zycus. If you’ve heard Jason before, you will know he is always stimulating and often somewhat controversial – we’ll make sure there’s time for questions from participants as well.

In summary, we hope that webinar participants will:

·         Understand why Supplier Management is becoming more central to procurement thinking

·         Learn how a supplier focus can help procurement and procurement people position themselves better within their organizations; and

·         Gain understanding of some best practice principles in supplier management that organizations can implement

Do register now for the event now using this link.  (And if you register you will be able to listen back later if you find you can’t make the 5th).

It is free of charge, and in addition everyone who registers will get a free copy of our Perspectives paper immediately on publication. Be the first on your block to read it!

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