Spend Matters ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Changes (“turn and face the strange”…maybe?!)

The eagle-eyed regular readers amongst you will have noticed a few changes in the look of our website yesterday.

The exciting thing for us is that all the Spend Matters sites are now running off the same infrastructure. That means it will be easier for us to share information, and easier for readers to see and navigate around the whole Spend Matters family – the US site, our UK/Europe site, PRO (our subscription site), Metal Miner (the leading metals supply chain website in the world) and Healthcare Matters (mainly US health issues, but some of their content is certainly relevant in Europe too).

The biggest change is in Jason Busch’s original US site. It is now (in my opinion) far easier to read and orders of magnitude easier to search and generally find stuff! Do take a look – that site tends to do more serious procurement technology coverage than I do here, so if you’re at all interested in that area, you should  check out the US site regularly.

As we reported last week, the US business has also seen Pierre Mitchell coming on board, a widely renowned procurement analyst and commentator, latterly with the Hackett Group. Scott Slone has also joined as CTO – he’s more of a behind the scenes guy in that role, but he’s been instrumental in the move to the new platform and will I’m sure help us improve the way we communicate with readers and deliver interesting material.

With all this going on, our recruitment website Spend Matters search4 procurement has taken a bit of a back seat if I’m honest. But we’re ready to get behind the site now – for a start, you may notice we’ll be featuring a small selection of the jobs on this site (bottom right....)

We have over 100 jobs on there; and advertising is still free for all recruiters – specialist firms or direct recruiters.  Why not register as a recruiter and give us a try? Please take a look, and everyone who registers on the site as a candidate (which takes one minute, you don’t need to apply for a job even), will receive a FREE copy of our unique e-guide – “Great Procurement Interview Questions (and how to answer them)”!

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  1. Ian Taylor:

    Yes but Peter the new font is a strain on ageing eyes – can’t you get them to switch to Ariel?

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