Spend Matters Expands South – Spend Matters Mexico and Latin America Goes Live

We are very excited to announce today that the Spend Matters community has once again expanded with the addition of Spend Matters Mexico and Latin America. Our new site is now live and ready for the discerning eye of our professional procurement readers around the globe.

The site is already well populated but will become even more full, as it gains momentum, of our usual global relevance to all subjects related to procurement, supply chain and company spend. We will talk about trends and the latest news, analyse market products and services, interview company executives, and publish reports from subject matter experts on all market sectors and categories.

Spanish-speaking countries are developing markets that will contribute significantly to the growth of the world economy, and Spanish itself is becoming more and more important in the U.S. and beyond as a business language. With the major economic-growth markets coming out of the Americas, Spend Matters Mexico and Latin America is a Spanish-language site aimed at all Spanish-speaking nations but focused, primarily, on Mexico and Latin America.

Jason Busch, Spend Matters Group Director, Xavier Olivera, Analyst and Director, and Jesus Campos, analyst and contributor, Spend Matters Mexico and Latin America are the experts behind the site, with contributed expertise from the wider Spend Matters community of procurement analysts. The site aims to reach the millions of professionals in purchasing and supply from the Spanish-speaking world, providing them daily with the opinion and insight they need to stay ahead of the news that will affect the decision-making of tomorrow.

Xavier and Jesus are experienced procurement veterans who will be delighted to receive posts as contributions to the site, comments or offer advice to readers. They look forward to your feedback, and we hope you will not only enjoy the new site but watch it grow in terms of content and global reach over the coming months.

Spend Matters Mexico and Latin America is a very welcome and inspiring addition to the Spend Matters community of, what is rapidly becoming, the most global and widely read procurement hub among purchasing and supply chain professionals.

Bienvenidos Spend Matters México y América Latina !

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