Spend Matters – our first event – the Great Sourcing Debate!

Instead of our question of the week today we're pleased to announce our EVENT OF THE WEEK!

My US business partner Jason Busch (Spend Matters US) is over in the UK shortly so from 5.30 – 8pm on Monday Feb 21st we are doing something a little different.

We've titled it; The First Annual Spend Matters Standing-up Sourcing Debate. The idea is this.

We get around 30 interested people – mix of providers and practitioners - in a private room at the Old Bank of England pub in Fleet Street, and hold an accelerated version of a formal Oxford Union type debate. Everyone standing, short and sharp, with beer (or whatever you prefer).  So we have a motion; a proposer, seconder and two other speakers (all 7 minutes each maximum), questions from the floor (and discussion), and then a vote on the motion.  But note – audience participation is not compulsory – you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to!

The debate will run from 6 – 7pm, then we have some more drinks, networking and a buffet; finish at 8pm. The motion is,

This (public) house believes that cost reduction should NOT be the CPO’s top priority”.

Jason will propose the motion.

Professor Andrew Cox (one of the leading academics in our profession over the last 20 years and now Chair of the International Institute for Advanced Purchasing and Supply) will oppose with support from David Smith (current CIPS vice president). I will chair.

We have a few places available (no charge; free food and drink); so please email me at psmith@spendmatters.com if you would like to attend. We can’t just say turn up on the night as space is limited and apologies in advance if we can’t accommodate everyone. We'll make sure we take some good photos and cover the event here if you can't make it.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Andrew Moorhouse:

    I refute the above statement and contest that the motion is ambiguous….

    Does the speaker mean cost or price reduction?

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