Spend Matters US on government procurement and Local Government Lawyer on social enterprises

If you just can't get enough of my deathless prose here, I've written a series of posts for Spend Matters US (the first two are here and here and there'll be a couple more this week).  Jason Busch has been looking at some issues around US government procurement, so I've focused on the experience of UK public sector procurement, going back to the Gershon Review, and commenting on the implications for the US.

And going back a little way, I had an article published here by the 'Local Government Lawyer' website titled; Are ‘mutuals’/ ‘social enterprises’ and value for money mutually exclusive?

It looked at the UK Government's desire to see more social enterprises and similar organisations formed, some that might spin out of existing public sector bodies.  What might this mean for procurement people in the public sector?  And how does the desire to support such ventures stack up with procurement regulations?

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