Spend Matters launch free ‘Compass’ procurement briefings

Spend Matters have introduced a new product – Spend Matters Compass.  This is a series of research and briefing papers around particular areas of interest; the first is “The Services Spending Revolution: Gaining Visibility, Control and Saving”, and will span four different topics. The first brief, now available, is titled: Selecting Services Procurement Technology -- Options, Approaches, and Philosophy. The three remaining topics in the series are:

  • Beyond Contingent Labor -- The Roll of Broader Services Categories in an Overall Services Spend Management Program
  • The Managed Services Connection -- The Evolving Role of MSPs in the Contingent Spending Ecosystem
  • Making Procurement a Services Spend Ally -- Tips and Tactics for Winning Over the Business

You have to register in order to download it, but it is free of charge and it is of high quality; well up to the standard I would say of much paid-for research.

I’m biased of coursed as their ‘European Correspondent’  (unpaid...) but it strikes me that, with  initiatives like this, the Spend Matters business model challenges a lot of procurement consultants, analysts and journalists!

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