Spend Matters goes for a nice post-debate lie-down

My US partner Jason Busch was over in the UK this week and we had a great time with our debate, dinner for our sponsors and a whole range of meetings. And yes, there were a few beers - after all, I have to educate our American friends as to what real beer tastes like. Now I need a nice lie down....

We also discussed our plans for the future, which we'll talk about more over the next days. But one development is that we plan to feature both occasional and regular guest writers more often. You may have already spotted the very entertaining and insightful Alex Ranson, our social media guru, and we're going to add more writers with a slant towards broad procurement issues - I'm aware that we feature public sector a lot so we want to get more of cross-sector and private sector interest.

Anyway, look out for new features and writers very shortly. And here is a picture from our debate the other evening - more on that next week too.

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