Spend Matters Netherlands – our new website goes live!

We’re delighted to announce a new member of the Spend Matters website family. And this is a unique and really exciting day for us – it’s the first of our sites where I can honestly say that I can’t understand a word of it (although Metal Miner occasionally falls into that category when they start talking about Dysprosium Oxide prices)!

Yes, we’ve launched a "local language" site,  Spend Matters Netherlands, which will without a doubt rapidly become the leading procurement site in that fine country. To be honest, we chose the Netherlands for fairly opportunistic reasons (we met a great guy who wanted to run it), but actually, it is a country that has a lot in common with the UK. Two nations that built empires based  on trade and business, with a maritime and international outlook, both with a well-developed approach to procurement and supply chain management, and both with a deep love of Asian food, football and tulips (OK, pushing it a bit now...)

The site will be run by Gert van der Heijden , with editorial assistance from Hadewij van de Kamp.  Jason Busch and I met Gert recently, over a few glasses of wine, beer and a curry, which immediately demonstrated that he shares the core Spend Matters values!

Gert is a veteran of various procurement roles in line management and consulting , latterly leading the Deloitte practice in Holland. He’s recently started his own consulting firm, Sourcing Experience. Heidweg also has considerable experience, works in the health sector at the moment, and she’s written extensively about procurement as well as her work as a consultant and manager.  And both of them speak far, far better English than I will ever speak Dutch...!

They will be writing original material for the site, as well as translating what they feel are the most useful articles from Spend Matters US and UK/Europe. I’ve had a look at their early posts (via Google translate!) and they have really hit the ground running with some great stuff. In fact, we’re going to feature one of Hadewij’s ideas here, we like it so much.

We’re also delighted to welcome Iasta as our first lead sponsor of Spend Matters Netherlands. I’ll be writing at greater length about them tomorrow, so for now we’ll just leave it as a sincere “thanks”.  And if any other potential sponsors want to have a chat, please call or email me - psmith(at)spendmatters.com. And if you’d rather discuss things in Dutch, I’ll put you straight on to Gert!

Finally, if you work for an organisation that has a presence in the Netherlands, please let your colleagues there know about this new resource - thanks.


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