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screen grab networkEarlier today, Spend Matters US announced the arrival of our brand-new Spend Matters Network site! We've reprinted the announcement, below:

The Spend Matters family of sites publishes in excess of 25 articles, columns, research briefs, and papers each weekday, and our current roadmap (including global expansion and deeper commodity coverage) is to double that number in the next twelve months. Yet our research has found that there’s surprisingly little single visit overlap between the readers of our sites. Most of our readers only occasionally (if that) visit another Spend Matters site -- and the feedback is that it’s difficult to quickly find new information of interest without resorting to multiple visits or an RSS feed/reader.

In other words, jumping around Spend Matters sites looking for content is a pain in the butt. Earlier this week, we launched the Spend Matters Network to address this challenge and make content more easily available to our readers. This new conglomerate site consists of Spend MattersSpend Matters PROSpend Matters UK/EuropeMetalMiner, and Healthcare Matters. Spend Matters PRO still requires a membership, but you’ll be able to navigate to the latest subscription-only content with a single click.

The Spend Matters Network gateway offers:

  • Up-to-the-minute coverage across all Spend Matters sites
  • Convenient global Network search (excluding Spend Matters PRO). Faster and more complete
  • Personally selected and curated “must read” columns and briefs
  • Quick access to select research briefs from research libraries (for subscribers and non-subscribers alike)
  • Pictures! Spend Matters has been seen as too ‘text-heavy”. Look for more visuals to help alter that perception
  • And for those interested in reaching our visitors – a new unobtrusive advertising opportunity (that falls outside of our sponsorship program – contact wbusch@spendmatters.com if you’re interested)

Above all, our hope is that the Spend Matters Network makes it easier for all of our readers across the globe to stay current on the broader world of related procurement happenings, news and analysis. We’re currently looking to add additional content and features to the network, including additional sites (as we launch ‘em), simplified mobile access and eventually, personalization. If you have something you’d like to see on the site that’s missing, please reach out. We’d welcome your feedback.

Thanks for reading,

Peter Smith, Jason Busch, Scott Slone and Sheena Moore

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