Spend Matters newsletter – are negotiation skills still important?

I know that our readers now have a wealth of options from the Spend Matters family with the new Network site giving you easy access to Spend Matters US, Healthcare Matters, and Metal Miner.  We also publish regular blogs on the Spend Matters search4 procurement jobs website.

So I don’t want to give you content overload.. but I do want to mention that our newsletter, “Procurement Calling” (get the clever double meaning there?), which is focused mainly on material relating to recruitment, skills, personal development, and procurement people, is out later this week.

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In this edition, as well as summaries of some of the most interesting recent articles from Spend Matters UK and Search4 procurement, and of course our famed Album of the Month review, there is a brand new piece about negotiation – is it still important as a skill for procurement professionals? Or does the advent and growth of more and more sophisticated technology, advanced sourcing and the like, mean that negotiation is out of date as a technique for getting value from suppliers?

And some skills do date – like being able to write clearly and strongly enough, with a suitable pen, so that the bottom ( and sixth) carbon copy Purchase Order form is still legible?  You may find this hard to believe but that was an important ability for my Assistant Buyers when I started out in purchasing... Copies to procurement, the supplier, finance (general accounts), the production line, goods in, accounts payable...  So is negotiating going the same way?

Anyway, we should look forward, not back, and the skills we will need in another ten years time will be quite different in some cases to what we perceive to be valuable now. So if you want read what we think on the negotiation issue, and see what around 2,000 other people are receiving already, subscribe now to the newsletter.

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First Voice

  1. Guy Allen:

    Negotiation is absolutely a key skill. Even if you take the view that an eAuction can set the final price, there is usually one hell of a lot of negotiation to get you to setting up an auction that has a chance of being effective.

    Nice chance for me to plug the next Bravo Solution session too, which will talk about Negotiation approaches. See you on the 27th Feb!

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