Spend Matters – the next stage in our evolution

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a few small changes to our website this morning.

Spend Matters UK/Europe has for some time been hosted and managed from an IT point of view by my colleagues at Spend Matters US. But now we’ve taken a further step by moving our site onto the same platform and domain as the other various US sites – not just SM US but Metal Miner and Healthcare Matters. So we’re now at spendmatters.com/uk/ rather than spendmatters.co.uk.

That should not affect any links or bookmarks you have. I hope. But you will see a few differences in the look and feel of the site. Perhaps the biggest change will be that you will see regular blogs that are marked as Pro or Plus. These are our subscription products – they’ve been around for a while and I have mentioned them, but we’ll tell you more about them shortly. Basically, you will only see the first paragraph or so unless you are a subscriber to those services.

But that doesn’t mean there will be any less free content on the site – the subscription service is all additional material. And if you’re serious about procurement technology, solution providers or latest thinking generally, you might want to look at those subscription options anyway.

You will also see that there are more articles (well, the headings and first few lines) on the home page if you scroll down – so easier to look at the last few days’ posts, I hope.  And the ‘Recent Comments’ section is now positioned with an alternative ‘Popular Posts’ list, and is a little more prominent.

The other advantage is that when we see interesting posts from our US colleagues, it will be easier to just drop them into the UK/Europe site. So you may see a few more articles from Jason Busch, Thomas Kase, Pierre Mitchell and the US team – and I guarantee they’ll be well worth reading.

Anyway, comments welcome of course, and hope you like – or at the very least, don’t dislike – our new look.

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