Spend Matters Predicts Election Result Better than Opinion Polls

2 am London Time

Just listening to the You Gov pollster on the BBC saying that "no-one predicted this sort of Conservative performance" in the election, I could not help posting this.

I do not have a strong affiliation to any party, but I did write this article for Spend Matters UK/Europe last month. I said this:

Shall I make my personal prediction?  I feel that the likelihood of the SNP basically running English affairs is going to hit home with many undecided and floating voters as we get nearer to May 7th. It fills me with horror, I know that. It might even bring some UKIP folk back to reality. So I predict the Tories will do better than expected, might even get a small overall majority, or more likely will form another coalition with a smaller but still significant Lib Dem group.

I may have been optimistic about the poor old Lib Dems but I really thought the Tories might well get a majority or be very close to it. Never under-estimate the feeling of the English that we don't want to be ruled by the Scots. We don't hate or even dislike our friends over the border, we admire the country and the people in many ways, and I was born a lot closer to Edinburgh than to London. But Ms Sturgeon smugly telling us how she would dictate what would happen to us in England and the UK, when she wants to break up the country  - that's what won Cameron the election!

In my opinion anyway.


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