Spend Matters PRO and Plus – great Procurement insight, but are they for you?

Today is a heavy day for telling you what we’ve been up to at Spend Matters in recent times. Don’t worry, we will get back to news, views, controversy tomorrow...

Being a procurement person for many years, I’m always cautious about too overt a sales pitch. But I think the time has come to say a bit more about our two subscription services, Spend Matters Plus and PRO.  You will have seen the first paragraph or two of articles here on the site, followed by that annoying ‘subscribers only’ thing.  So, should you consider subscribing?

Spend Matters Plus is aimed at any practitioner or solution  provider who is simply interested in procurement thinking and analysis at a somewhat deeper level than our (still extensive) free stuff. Good practice advice and useful information comes daily from Plus. So for example, in the last few weeks, Pierre Mitchell gave a great checklist of what to look for and best practice in procurement scorecards and benchmarking processes. He also published a tremendous guide to  procurement savings measurement  the other day that is worth the annual subscription in itself.

And I set up a ‘virtual portfolio’ of stocks / shares covering quoted firms that play in the procurement space, and every month we track their performance  and comment on their corporate issues.  Do you want to know why Basware shares have leapt this year? Or what’s gone wrong with Dun & Bradstreet?

I’ve also written pieces on procurement fraud, managing monopoly supply situations, detailed reviews of interesting new solution providers such as Impacore and blur Group, and a whole series of articles around Daniel Kahneman’s thinking on psychology and how our brains work, and how it can be applied to procurement.  There is also deeper tech analysis, with longer, more insightful material than on the free site.

Plus subscribers can also participate in a weekly ‘Ask the Expert’ webinar with one of the Spend Matters team on a topic of interest, which could be the latest technology development or acquisition in our market, or something like Supplier Diversity (which I covered recently). All this costs just $19.99 a month. And if you are interested, there is a 14 day free trial.

Then we have PRO. This is simply the deepest analysis of procurement technology, solutions and vendors you will find anywhere in the world. Do you want to understand what is really going on with SAP and Ariba?  Which firms are most likely to get acquired this year, and what that could mean for their customers? And perhaps most valuably, understand which procurement related software and solutions will best fit your organisation's needs, and directly improve your performance, through advice, rankings, short-lists and the like from the smartest people in the world on that topic (such as Jason Busch, Thomas Kase, and Pierre Mitchell). You also get all the Plus material and webinars as well of course.

If your organisation spends more than £50K or so a year on procurement technology  ( P2P, eSourcing, SIM, e-invoicing etc) then do take a look at PRO. It could save you many times its cost, pretty quickly. And if you are a significant solutions provider, don’t you need to know what Spend Matters thinks of you and your competitors?  We are rating your products and suggesting whether or not, and in what situations,  users should consider them.

A single PRO seat is $2,000 a year but attractive corporate discounts are available for multi-user agreements.  PRO isn’t for everybody, but if you are serious about how technology can drive your procurement and supply chain performance, you should take a look at it now. Or contact Sheena Moore for a chat about the options. smoore (at) spendmatters.com

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