Spend Matters PRO – what it is, and why procurement practitioners need it

We’ve touched on the new Spend Matters PRO premium subscription service, but we’re now fully live, I wanted to explain what it’s all about.  Today we’ll explain what it means for procurement practitioners – and then tomorrow we’ll outline the implications for service and solution providers in our world.

Spend Matters “group” now has four sites – this one, Spend Matters US, Metal Miner (which not surprisingly covers metals and related industries) and Healthcare Matters, which addresses (mainly US) health sector issues.  All are free to readers; and our principal has always been to make all our material free, funded by sponsorship from a fairly small number of industry sponsors and related work.

We now believe the time is right to provide more detailed, and in depth comment and analysis, particularly around technology and other issues that relate to what senior procurement execs need to know and understand about what is “new” in our world.  There’s a certain amount of this done by the traditional IT analyst firms – Gartner, Forrester etc – but for them, procurement and supply chain is just one fairly small element of their wider focus. For us, it’s everything.

So we’ve launched Spend Matters PRO, our first subscription based service, to meet what we believe is this need.  Procurement practitioners will still be able to get everything you currently get free of charge – the current websites aren’t going anywhere, and you can still download our extensive range of research papers and similar free on registration.

But we hope you’ll consider spending a few dollars ($29.99 a month, $300 a year), pounds, or Euros to gain a range of additional material;

  • Access to the new Spend Matters PRO website, which will feature around 20 brand new articles a month, covering key issues – heavily technology-centric, but also covering the latest procurement thinking, economic matters etc.
  • A Monthly Spend Matters Insights newsletter, with a summary of key technology news, links to the most critical material from Spend Matters and elsewhere that you can’t afford to miss, and unique content.
  • Access to bi-annual webinars, with Jason Busch and I talking about major issues of the last six months.

Here’s an example of what we’re providing. Since the SAP acquisition of Ariba was announced, we’ve written around high-quality 20 articles, over 10,000 words on the topic. Around half of those are on the free sites; the other half for PRO subscribers only. That is an order of magnitude – several orders of magnitude in fact - more than any other firm, publication or analyst has produced on the topic.

Now not everyone in the procurement world will have a direct interest in this – but this is the most significant event in procurement software for many years. Should you understand the implications? And what options it might give you? How will you respond if your CPO, CFO, CIO, or that head-hunter asks you what you think about the implications of the deal?

So, please take a look at this for pricing info and here for more detail around PRO. Next week we’ll publish a “business case” that we think might be useful to justify the cost of the subscription, and tomorrow we’ll look at what it means for solutions providers, software firms etc.

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