Spend Matters PRO – why solution providers should subscribe

We featured our new Spend Matters PRO subscription based service yesterday in terms of what  practitioners get out of it – now for solution providers  (software firms, consultancies and so on who sell into the procurement and supply chain "market").

Let’s start with the bad news. Up to now, anyone, including solution providers, has been able to download our research papers free of charge. That’s no longer the case, I’m afraid.  The kind firms who sponsor us get no benefit from their competitors downloading  the material, and we think it’s fair that a wider range of solution providers might like to contribute to our efforts – if they value what we do. (And if they don’t , they won’t subscribe).

But now the very good news!  Solution providers will still have access to our free websites, with just as much great material as ever. But if you subscribe to PRO you will also receive the following:

  • Access to all our the research material (that previously you have been able to download free of charge).
  •  Access to the new Spend Matters PRO website, which will feature around 20 brand new articles a month, covering key issues – heavily technology-centric but also covering the latest procurement thinking, economics etc.
  • A monthly Spend Matters Insights newsletter, with a summary of key technology news, links to material from Spend Matters and elsewhere that you can’t afford to miss, and unique content.
  • A quarterly “Spend Matters Seasons” publication with more in-depth technology reviews and analysis.
  • Access to bi-annual webinars with Jason Busch and Peter Smith, talking about major issues of the last six months.
  • An enhanced entry in Spend Matters Almanac – an annual “bible” of procurement solution providers*

You can either take out am immediate “one seat” subscription on a monthly or annual basis – or talk to us about a corporate agreement if you're a firm who wants to enable multiple users.

There are loads of reasons why you should subscribe, but just a couple for now. Firstly, we provide the most in-depth coverage of procurement and related software and solutions markets that you’ll find anywhere.  For instance, we’ve written over 10,000 words on the SAP / Ariba acquisition – including considerable analysis around what it means for others in the provider market.

And secondly, we may well be writing about YOUR firm on PRO! (We certainly will if you do interesting stuff / launch new products  etc. So keep us in the loop).  Our coverage will remain strictly independent, with reader and market interest our editorial driver – so we won’t purely cover firms who subscribe for instance, because that would go against our goal of providing deep, transparent market coverage.

But at the same time, we would politely suggest that it could be awkward to not "be in the know" when it comes to what we're saying about you, your competitors and the broader market. After all, some of your customers and prospects will be reading it. And you should be too, otherwise you run the risk  of being caught off guard in a commercial situation, where the person sitting across from the table has access to  intelligence and analysis that you've missed out on.

So here's the key information you need, and here are some more details about the PRO service. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

* Larger firms will need a corporate agreement in order to qualify for the enhanced Almanac entry.

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