Spend Matters SolutionMap℠ – Determine Reveals What’s Behind Its Leader Ranking

You've probably been hearing a lot from Spend Matters recently on the launch of its brand new concept in assessing solution providers: Spend Matters SolutionMap℠ for eProcurement - if not, then here's all you need to know.

SolutionMap℠ is a unique way of easily identifying solution providers based on comparative rankings of participating technology vendors offering eProcurement, invoice-to-pay and procure-to-pay suite solutions. So how is it done? Well - it's not magic! It's an investment of time, energy, diligence and aggregated market intelligence.

Providers are analysed in terms of their individual vendor capability, and this includes in-depth tech reviews and live demonstrations, and Q&A run by the Spend Matters analysts. The results provide a Solution score. A Customer Value score is based on aggregated direct customer input (survey-based). Vendors are also ranked on common procurement organisation “personas.” These personas (explained indepth here) are how procurement organisations find and match the providers that are best aligned to their needs.

And this is what makes it unique - as Peter said in his recent report on the concept: "The key point here is that not every solution provider is equally suited to every sort of client organisation - something that is too often forgotten. So a particular software product (or vendor) might work well for a certain sort of customer, and not so well for one in a different industry or even just with a different business approach."

While graphics and high-level summaries are available for free, people interested in digging deeper into the back-end data and listings of typical user requirements, vendor selection tips and background on the vendor rankings, will need to subscribe to Spend Matters PRO for full access. However, SolutionMap℠ first quarterly update was met with so much enthusiasm from procurement executives and providers alike, that one of them, Determine, whose Cloud Platform ranked as a Value and Solution Leader , is providing free access for those interested in understanding how the scoring works.

Determine ranked in the top third of vendors for customer value, innovation, ROI and TCO. Across five personas it landed three times in the Value Leader quadrant for configurability, customer value and deployment speed. Now that's easy to boast - but not so easy to demonstrate. By looking into the metrics behind this placement, you will be able to see exactly how it was achieved. So they have made the full ranking and analysis details along with all six persona quadrants available to download for free, which you can do here.

The SolutionMap will be updated quarterly to reflect live market developments, so keep an eye out for SpendMatters updates.

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