Spend Matters SolutionMaps℠ – A New Way Of Looking At Procurement Software Choices

Spend Matters (US branch) has thrown the gauntlet down to Gartner. Whilst my colleagues are far too modest to say this sort of thing themselves, as we have no financial interest in Spend Matters US, we can speak objectively. And our verdict … the new Spend Matters SolutionMap℠ for eProcurement, and their whole concept of assessing solution providers based on different organisational requirements (“procurement personas”) is bloomin’ brilliant.

If Gartner’s quadrant is “magic”, then they’re Ron Weasley just about managing to levitate a few inches whilst Spend Matters battle the dementors, exist in two places at once (the time turner Hermione spell I most want to emulate) and save the world …

OK, back down to earth but this is really good stuff. There will be more SolutionMaps℠ to come but this one “charts a select group of e-procurement solution providers. It is part of our Q2 2017 SolutionMap report, also featuring invoice-to-pay solution providers and procure-to-pay suites”.

So participating vendors are scored both on Solution Capability and on Customer Value.

  • The Solution score is based on analysis of individual vendor capability, including in-depth tech reviews and live demonstrations and Q&A by the Spend Matters team.
  • The Customer Value score is based on aggregated direct customer input (survey-based).

But then the clever bit is that the positioning on the axes are based on common procurement organization “personas.” This approach reflects the commonly prioritized requirements by persona, as well as the vendor’s unique value proposition, solution strategy and customer segments served.

The key point here is that not every solution provider is equally suited to every sort of client organisation - something that is too often forgotten. So a particular software product (or vendor) might work well for a certain sort of customer, and not so well for one in a different industry or even just with a different business approach.

The intention is to update SolutionMaps℠ regularly; every quarter we believe, which will be a significant advantage over other analysis. There are currently a few absences from the ratings in terms of relevant vendors, but we suspect those who did not want to participate this time around will come on board when they see that a. this is good and b. buyers and potential buyers will take note of the initiative.

Well done to Jason, Pierre, Xavier, Michael and all the team and I’m sure we will have more to come on this. Just to note – much of this is currently free to readers; there is also the Spend Matters PRO subscription service which gives you great insight into the procurement technology market for a very reasonable fee!

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