Spend Matters speaks Spanish now!

Big announcement! For those who speak Spanish, ¡¡Spend Matters llega a México y a los países de habla hispana!! For those of you who don't speak Spanish, Spend Matters will now feature regular posts focused on procurement and supply chain in Mexico and eventually, other Spanish speaking countries. Here are our first posts from Xavier Olivera, who "shares a common procurement and supply chain management, systems and consulting background with much of the rest of the Spend Matters team, and is based in Mexico City, Mexico. Beyond writing, he is a “video pro” and loves conducting interviews with CPOs and heads of procurement in front of the camera.

Lots more going on in the US this week:

Jason Busch is doing a series on the pros and cons of lower-end sourcing tools. Read about when to just say no, and how to accentuate the positive in this area.

Jason also performed wizardry on a webinar last week by making the subject of electronic signatures truly interesting for close to 30 minutes. I highly suggest you watch the replay: Signing the Dotted Line with Digital Signatures

In solution provider news, IQNavigator is planning to sell its MSP devision to focus on technology.

Pierre Mitchell muses on spend analysis: Excel add-in solvers, freemium offerings, and app marketplaces.

And here is your Friday dance party (careful, the title contains the sh** word if that will set off any alarms!) from Cherub's album Year of the Caprese.


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