Spend Matters in student demo shock horror….!

Jason Busch is over for our anniversary event tonight, so we spent yesterday in London at various meetings. That involved getting evacuated from a hotel lounge when the fire alarm went off, then getting caught up - twice - in the student demonstrations! For some reason the police didn't seem to see us a a big threat....

We then watched from the windows of  a firm we know well in the City as 100 or so demonstrators were herded down the road by about 200 police including a whole flock of mounted police. Very dramatic.

But you couldn't help wonder what the value for money was in terms of the cost for the taxpayer. I  guess no-one was taking any chances - and seeing the Strand totally empty of cars was very strange. We were tempted to go out and ask if any of the students fancied an intern role with Spend Matters.. but we resisted.

Anyway, it is our Anniversary Event tonight - we really appreciate all the messages of support we've had, and we've been talking this week about how we can make Spend Matters better and more useful for readers. We're still mulling a few ideas  over, but I'm sure there will be things happening over the next few months.

But forgive us if blogging is light tomorrow...!

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