Spend Matters – two new Compass papers

Jason Busch, my friend and blogger extraordinaire has been busy as usual and two more papers have been published as part of the Spend Matters 'Compass' research series.

One is the third in the series about Services procurement and is titled 'Making Procurement a Services Spend Ally: Tips and Tactics for Winning over Business Stakeholders and Spend Owners'

This has some great insights into how you can 'market' and promote procurement particularly in the arena of services procurement. It suggests some detailed approaches which go way beyond the sort of things I usually see addressed when this topic is discussed.  The only point I would add  - and stress strongly - is that you have to have the bedrock of capability and competence in procurement delivery or your 'marketing' will be built on sand.  I've seen some CPOs who were great at marketing but couldn't deliver (either personally or through their teams).  Having worked in the food industry, I know that you can get people to try almost anything through good marketing; but they won't buy it again if it tastes like s***.  And that applies equally to the service users get from procurmeent.

The other paper is the first in a new series, Spend Visibility and Beyond--Analytics Broader Role in Procurement and Supply Chain.  The paper is snappily titled ,The Intersection of Analytics and Supply Chain Risk Management: Using Intelligence to Drive Early Intervention. Supply Chain Risk has been a major topic for many organisations, with the recession bringing it strongly into focus as supply chains have been disrupted and key suppliers go out of business. Again, the paper takes the reader from pretty basic ideas through to real leading edge thinking.

These are very interesting, thought provoking papers; you need to register but they are free to download, and they are well worth the little bit of effort.  They don't assume too much prior knowledge, but take you into areas I found really insightful even to a 25-years-in-the-industry veteran like me!

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