The Spend Matters UK / Europe 2012 Procurement Awards*

Yes, the top five albums of the year will be along in a couple of hours, don't panic..

But before that, we’ve decided for the first time to announce some very special Spend Matters Awards for 2012. Perhaps we’ll do this more seriously in future, but for now, as you will see, we’ve gone for a mix of some serious “congratulations” to deserving causes, along with some of our trademark sarcasm and humour (well, that’s what we call it..)

Hopefully you will be able to tell the difference between those two motivations...

TheYoung at Heart” Award

We’re delighted to say this goes to David Smith, last year’s CIPS President. No, he hasn’t reversed time, but he did develop his Presidential theme around encouraging young people into the profession. Then he actually followed it up with real personal action, commitment and encouragement of others to do the same.

The  Procurement Software really can be interesting, honestAward

This prestigious category sees our first shared award, as it goes to two firms whose products actually made me go “wow” this year - SAP with their Infonet supply chain intelligence / information product, and Seal Software for their contract discovery solution.

The ”Publicity and Profile” Award

This is awarded to an organisation that did the most in 2012 to get the procurement profession onto the front page of every newspaper  - it is of course the project team on the West Coast Rail franchising project in the Department for Transport.

The “Procurement Insight” Award

Also known as the “I didn’t know that" Award,  to Proxima, for their work which showed that over 60% of the revenues of  FTSE 350 firms is procurement spend i.e. goes to third party suppliers.

The “Procurement Events of the YearAward

This goes to BravoSolution for their Real World Sourcing Series. Yes, I am as biased as a roulette wheel in a Chihuahuan Casino (that’s a casino in a Mexican town, not one run by very small dogs). But they really were very good events...

The “Helping the Needy “ Award

After MOD’s convincing win in 2011 for their consultancy contract with Alix Partners (£5000 per man-day), the candidates this year struggled to match up to that example. But the UK’s Department for International Development tried hard – for example, £3.6 million to US consultants (that was a nice touch, not even a British firm)  to advise on the best ways to support “the electoral cycle in Sierra Leone”.

The “No Such Thing as a Lost CauseAward

For re-invigorating something we all thought was comatose if not actually deceased  - this goes to Shirley Cooper for taking the CIPS Fellowship, shaking it, building a community, and developing a series of events that people actually wanted to come to (and even sold out!)

The “Best Use of Data” Award

This goes to the Ministry of Justice for including their PFI providers (actually large SPVs, controlling £100 million contracts to develop new court buildings) as “SMEs” in their reporting of spend with small firms which they submitted to Cabinet Office.

The “Procurement Insight Lifetime Achievement” Award

And finally, a well-deserved award, for making huge quantities of very high quality intellectual property available free to the procurement community via their website, reports and briefings over many years – to Jon Hughes, Mark Webb and their colleagues at Future Purchasing.

* We failed to think up a sexy name (Oscars, Emmys etc) in time..

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First Voice

  1. Christine Morton:

    You forgot Most Favourite or Most Prolific Commenter on Spend Matters (neither of them are me, mind, but I’m sure you can figure out who gets the awards).

    Also – you should have a version of the Razzies. Biggest Procurement Debacle.. hard to see the West Coast Rail Line having any competition there, though I may be surprised… and so on.

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