Spend Matters UK / Europe first newsletter is published

You may, to your surprise and quite possibly horror, have received yesterday the first edition of our new monthly Spend Matters newsletter.

One issue - a link from the newsletter didn't work; we will be writing at greater length about the report shortly, but here is the correct link to what is a very interesting report on Supplier Relationship Management from Future Purchasing.

Back to the newsletter; it includes highlights of items we've reported in our daily posts, and it will also have some unique material, including our 'comment of the month' feature with a valuable prize (yet to be determined....)

If you got it and liked it, we'd be delighted and forever in your gratitude if you could forward it to your procurement friends and colleagues.

If you're thinking, "why didn't I get one" then:

a. Please don't be offended, it wasn't a highly structured process for putting the list together!

b. Please sign up - you can do that via the sign-up link at the bottom right of this page. OR email me at psmith@spendmatters.com and we'll add you that way.

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