Welcome to Spend Matters UK / Europe

Hello, I'm Peter Smith, Editor of Spend Matters UK / Europe, and I'm delighted you're reading this!

Today we have our 'soft' launch of Spend Matters UK / Europe; assuming all goes well, we will make a bit more of a splash about it next week.

If you have joined us via Spend Matters US or Procurement Excellence, thank you for making the journey.  And if you're completely new to us, thank you for taking a step into the unknown!  The most important thing in either case is you bookmark us - or link via your preferred feeds / social media.

We don't look 'new' as you will see a history of posts; these have been transferred across from my previous blog, Procurement Excellence.  That is now dormant and I will be writing here, along with my partner in this venture, Jason Busch of Spend Matters (US).

We will cover everything and anything in the world of  'spend' - procurement, supply chain, purchase to pay management, outsourcing; plus the odd bit of sport, music, food or frankly anything else we think you may find interesting.  One day it may be detailed technology analysis; the next, gossip about who is doing what in the procurement world.

We are very grateful to our sponsors; Intenda, our Lead Sponsor; Spikes Cavell and  Supplierforce. More about them over the next few days; and we expect to have some further sponsor announcements over the next few weeks.  But independence is our most fundamental principle; we don't write positive stuff just because firms are sponsors; and equally we will write about organisations who aren't sponsors when there is something of interest to our readership.

Anyway, thanks again for reading, and please do leave comments when you feel like engaging; we look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. John Belza:

    Good luck Peter on the new site. I will follow contributions closely over the next few months and hopefully will soon contribute myself.


  2. Thomas Holzapfel:

    Congratulations – looking forward to some great insights.

    Oh – and love the UK/Europe in the title. If the British don’t consider the UK part of Europe – does that make the British Isles the 8th and smallest continent?

    1. Peter Smith:

      You have sussed out the logic in our title perfectly; you wouldn’t believe how much debate we had on that title…!

  3. Christine Morton:

    Congratulations Peter and Jason! Best of luck!

  4. Dan:

    Congrats on the merger Peter.

    Before you head to the hard launch – I’m looking on Internet Explorer 6 – and the headers for ‘search’, ‘news archives’, ‘recent comments’ aren’t displaying correctly (it’s as if there is an image and text in the space area)

    1. Peter Smith:

      Thanks – will get our finest technical brians onto this!

    2. jtcote:

      Thanks Dan, I believe the inconsistency is now corrected. Appreciate the feedback

  5. Lance Mercereau:

    Hi Peter,

    This might not be the most insightful post you’ll ever read but the folks at Rosslyn Analytics wish you and Jason the very best. As Spend Matters in the US is a must-go source for all things “spend,” your newly launched Spend Matters UK / Europe site will without doubt quickly move up the charts to become an invaluable, fact-driven resource for purchasers of spend-related software solutions and services. Why? There is a need for your voice at a critical time when organisations are doubling up their savings efforts – and they need as much help as possible to sift through the noise. Best of luck.

    All the best,

    Lance Mercereau
    Marketing Director
    Rosslyn Analytics

  6. Herman Fick:


    Congratulations and I trust (and know) that this blog will become the voice of the industry! All the best to you (and Jason) with this venture and let us give procurement the credibility it deserves!

    Looking forward to some interesting opinions and articles.


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