Spend Matters US is 10 years old!

I think I got a fantastic 12-speed bicycle called a Huffy White Heat for my 10th birthday. At Spend Matters, we had a pizza and beer party at one of Chicago's finest local microbrews, Half Acre. We also treated ourselves to our very first "real" commercial office space (that is exactly two blocks west and one block north of where we used to be, but that makes ALL the difference). Here are some words from founder Jason Busch on what the past ten years have meant to him. And most importantly, we need to thank all of YOU, readers across all of the Spend Matters Network sites. A very hearty thank you to all - from the bottom of our hearts!

Now into this week's goodies (some of which we haven't even announced on the US site yet!):

Jason Busch got together with his wife (and boss) Lisa Reisman and their colleague Garry Mansell (of Trade Extensions fame) to write an interesting new paper that challenges you to change your thinking a bit around sourcing, supply chain, and commodity management. Intrigued? Download A Radical Rethink of Commodity Management and Advanced Sourcing Strategies – Advanced Tactics That are Possible Today today, free on registration.

One more you-heard-about-it-here-first: We'd like to think that nothing short of success is acceptable from a P2P integration initiative. But how do you get there?   Have you thought through which integration scenarios and technologies to use? Are you clear on your business objectives, and have you involved your stakeholders to define scope, methodology, and a work plan? We have some success stories in this area, and Jason Busch, Thomas Kase, and Xavier Olivera intend to discuss them on a Coupa-sponsored webinar in early December called SAP Integration: Lessons From a Successful Cloud P2P Deployment at Juniper Networks. We'd love for you to join!

Apple's Tim Cook's announcement last week shouldn't have much meaning for the procurement and supply chain profession - but Pierre Mitchell and Jason Busch argue that it most certainly does.

Let's explore the very real reality of financial challenges for smaller suppliers, shall we?

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of presenting a very popular and well-attended webinar with Laura Lee, VP of Procurement at CEMEX on how catalogs can benefit the sourcing process and lead to savings. We ran out of time to answer all of the audience's questions, so we've done a recap and follow-up here.

You may have not heard, but we've launched yet another great addition to the Spend Matters Network: Spend Matters Mexico y America Latina. If you don't speak or read Spanish, here are some universal comments on transactional procurement scarcity south of the US border (in English).

One more piece of free research to throw your way: Procurement Centers of Excellence (CoE) – What’s In Them and How to Set Them Up.

It's been gray and dreary here, and the temperature is dropping rapidly, so this week's music goes to my home town Seattle's Posse, with the very 1990s-esque Stephen Malkmus-meets-Mazzy Star track Shut Up.

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