Spend Matters US Recap: HANA video parody, tech valuations, and Cloud Control

Here’s this week’s recap of what happened over on Spend Matters US.

No doubt you’ve heard about Uber’s $18.2-billion valuation. Jason Busch and Richard Lee asks, “What really drives valuation for technology companies these days?”

Taras Berezowsky combined SAP HANA with The Simpsons in a video parody. Pierre Mitchell supplied the lyrics.

Whether you like to indulge in Schadenfreude or you’re just the thorough type to extract lessons from diverse sources, this new report breaks down the causes of the U.S. government’s IT procurement failure and gives recommendations that do not require a new election.

And yesterday Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell reported from Boston, where they attended OpenText’s analyst day:

Finally, here is all of our coverage on the Selectica acquisition of Iasta in one convenient list:

Close with a music video? Close with a music video. The Australian band Cloud Control performed at Chicago’s Metro in late May. This is not that performance.

This is the song “Gold Canary", not Chicago’s Metro but rather a different Metro, July 2010:

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