Spend Matters US – Some of This Week’s Highlights

A number of articles on our Spend Matters US site caught our attention this week.

Jason Busch commented on the CPO compensation study from the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies and Korn Ferry.

“The good news: chief procurement officers (CPOs) are making more than before – nearly $500,000 per year on average, without factoring into account equity-based compensation”.

That’s some £300,000 or €400,000 this side of the Atlantic, and sounds like it must relate to pretty big firms. However, we’re still well behind CFOs.

“But how does CPO compensation compare to chief finance officer (CFO) compensation? Not well, by comparison. Studies by Treasury & Risk found that median compensation – including equity incentives – for Fortune 500 CFOs increased by 21.4% between 2009 and 2010 and 9% between 2010 and 2011, to a total of $5.1 million”.


We also enjoyed a stimulating guest article from Anu Gardiner, head of procurement at DocuSign, titled “ For Procurement, is it the Process or the Tool That’s Broken”? Gardiner reflects on the vital role that technology - “tools” - now play.

“There is no modern business process that is really going to survive without a tool. If your process is broken, there are many things that can be wrong, but it is also nearly guaranteed that you do not have the right tool in place. If you’re not thinking about this question already, you will. Your workforce is changing and they want a well-designed (and increasingly intelligent) application to help them do their jobs. They are adept at social media and will not tolerate a bad user-experience”.

It’s thought provoking stuff and it is well worth reading the whole article here.

Finally, there is an interesting webinar coming up on Thursday 30th July, 6pm UK time, “organized and conducted by Spend Matters and MBO Partners,this is an opportunity for you to get an overview of the fast growing independent professional workforce segment along with the state-of-the-art models for effectively and efficiently engaging these professionals for the benefit of your organization ... This is a webinar exclusively organized for contingent workforce management and services procurement practitioners, and registrations will be limited to this group. Register today!

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