Spend Matters webinar next week – “SAP and Beyond – Speed and Insight in the Cloud”

OK, I know it’s a little late in the evening for us Europeans, but my US colleagues Jason Busch and Thomas Kase are running what promises to be an interesting and useful webinar  on March 27 from 2-3pm Central titled Sourcing & Contract Management: SAP and Beyond -- Speed and Insight in the Cloud. You can register free of charge via that link.

So that’s 8-9pm in the UK, 9-10pm in most of Western Europe.

The webinar will draw on a recent Spend Matters research report, available for free download, that looks at cloud tools and models across a range of procurement and sourcing areas. There’s a focus on SAP to some extent, but it’s not by any means a paper purely designed for SAP users; it is aimed at everyone who has an interest in procurement technology really.

It’s also not a detailed review of particular suppliers or solutions. Rather it goes into how cloud-based solutions are changing how we work and, in particular, it considers what these tools mean for integrating procurement strategies and technology platforms. As Thomas and Jason say:

“In short, the “cloud” is no longer just for cost-driven and loosely coupled deployments with limited or no systems integration in key procurement areas. It's changing how we interact with our team members, suppliers, systems of record and third-party intelligence sources”.

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  1. Montolivo:

    Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM Nothing has cnhaged and nothing will. What’s the answer for the smaller company? Buy in tendering expertise perhaps. Or prove yourself in the private sector first.As long as the current procurement cut and paste culture of the public sector exists there is no hope for the smaller specialist company in that market.Public sector seems attractive because contracts are advertised but it’s frankly too expensive for many to tender. The problem is apparent right the way up the procurement tree even at genuine higher cost projects.Has anyone contacted their MP on the matter. It would be useful to start a conversation at least. After all they work for us

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