Spend Matters US Weekly Round-Up

Greetings from Chicago, where there is currently about 20 inches of snow on the ground and everything is utter chaos. Here is a photo of me last night on a rare shoveled sidewalk, in the balmy 2-degree temperature *(Editor's note  - that's 2 degrees Fahrenheit or -18C ), on the way to warm myself with a pint:

And here is a photo of the creepiest I’ve ever seen Lake Shore Drive look:

On the Spend Matters side of things this week, we’ve managed to be quite productive despite Jason’s run in with a brass window latch and the “Blizzaster.” Let’s hop in:

We’ve released a new Compass Research paper, applying years of the dating and relationship experiences of Jason and Phil Fersht of Horses for Sources to BPO within procurement organizations. Intrigued? I was too -- and it’s quite insightful. Download the free paper here: Tips for Making the Promised BPO Benefits Real -- Alignment, Focus and Integration.

Jason makes a 2011 Prediction: Embedded Analytics Become Mainstream in Certain Procurement Application Areas. “I've been slow to make a set of predictions for 2011, but I'll continue to trickle them out in the coming weeks. One prediction I've been thinking quite a bit about -- which is already becoming reality in contingent procurement via advanced VMS tools today -- is the rise of what is probably best described as "embedded analytics" within workflow-driven and decision support tools themselves, rather than specialized analytical toolsets. In short, I think 2011 will be the year where we begin to expect embedded analytics across a set of source-to-pay tools.”

Peter mentioned that Jason was writing extensively about Ariba this week, and here’s a list of everything we’ve got:

Analyzing Ariba’s Quarter (Part 1): Core Solution Performance in a Competitive Context

Analyzing Ariba's Quarter (Part 2): There's More to the Network Business Than Just the Numbers

Analyzing Ariba’s Quarter (Part 3): Acquisitions and Growth

And finally, we’ll end this week with a (yes, you are reading this correctly) procurement cartoon -- Spend Analysis Cartoon: Adapt or Die

-- Sheena Moore

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