Procurement News from Spend Matters US – Weekly Round-Up

Jason is in San Diego right now (siiiiggghhh I wish) at SciQuest’s NextLevel 2011 event. I’m sure he’ll have a lot more to say next week about who he talked to and what he learned, so check back for updates!

Curious to see how spend analytics can be applied in real-life scenarios? Check out our latest (free to download!) Compass Research paper: The Future of Spend Visibility and Analytics -- Three Scenarios For Adoption. For further information, check out the post we did on the subject.

HUGE news for Americans: this week marked a giant leap for mankind (or for the iPhone 4, at least). No longer a slave to AT&T, Americans everywhere can now use their favorite trendy mobile device with the Verizon network. But, what should you consider before you switch? Regular Spend Matters contributor NPI gives us a guest post: Why Corporate iPhone Users Shouldn’t Rush to Verizon...Just Yet

Speaking of guest posts, Julien Nadaud of b-pack gives us a doozy in the realm of P2P: Are SaaS-Cloud P2P Solutions Taking Over On-Premise Software?

What’s going on with M&A for 2011? Nobody knows for sure, but Jason makes some predictions: “Given the fact that we often get involved in M&A strategy and the occasional transaction in the sector here with one of our affiliates companies at Spend Matters, we have a bit of a privileged view into the universe of potential activity likely around the corner in coming quarters. Our current analysis suggests that the pace of M&A activity that began in earnest in Q4 2010 is likely to continue throughout 2011. For this reason, we think it's imperative that procurement, legal and IT organizations prepare themselves for the chance that their current vendors might be acquired (some of our past advice and observations on the subject can be found here, here, here and here).”

Finally, here is by far the best commercial of last week’s Super Bowl: The Force.

-- Sheena Moore

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