Spend Matters US Weekly Round-Up

It’s Thanksgiving week here at Spend Matters US, so we’re all being gluttonous fools by shoving our faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie and then sleeping it off only to go back for leftovers (i.e., celebrating the fact that perhaps, one day long, long ago, pilgrims and Native Americans supposedly managed to get along for one afternoon). Anyway, here’s what happened during our short week, stateside:

First off, we wrote a lot about coffee this week. Jason takes on Starbucks in a piece about how they may be causing the quality of their product to suffer due to lean practices, and I (this is VERY IMPORTANT) did a total cost analysis in regards to the procurement of our wonderful office new coffee maker.

In a continuing series that highlights companies that can be seen as alternatives to Ariba’s Supplier Network, Jason looks at SciQuest, a focused P2P provider who dabbles in the life sciences, higher education, research, and public sectors. They’ve also just made their IPO.

An interesting little series called The Walmart Inflation Test Part 1 and Part 2. “The Walmart inflationary trend really should be a litmus test for all companies worried about the potential of inflation, which is even more likely given the current overtime running of the printing presses thanks to QE2,” says Jason.

Time for more pie, and catch you all next week.

- Sheena Moore

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