Spend Matters US Weekly Round-Up

We’re extremely busy around these parts working on the upcoming Spend Matters/MetalMiner conference, but that doesn’t mean the coverage stops!

In interesting acquisitions, Rearden Commerce acquired Ketera early this week: Rearden Commerce Acquires Ketera, Creating a New, Broad Spend Management Offering. See additional coverage here and here. “Overall, Rearden's strategy has been razor focused up until now on delivering the combination of a web-services platform (which has an elegant means of incorporating third-party sites, content and capabilities without punching out to other URLs) and targeted functional capability.With the acquisition of Ketera, it seems as though this targeted strategy is changing entirely.”

Let’s talk supplier performance in both quantitative and qualitative terms. “Just as many of us recently got through the potentially challenging spot of taking feedback on how we cooked the turkey from our many guests, gauging, measuring and understanding qualitative supplier performance management feedback that comes from non-system sources may often feel as unscientific as business gets.”

A little bit more on supplier management:

Calculating the Supplier Performance Management ROI Equation (Part 1)

Calculating the Supplier Performance Management ROI Equation (Part 2)

And finally, in the realm of supply risk, another great post from guest contributor NPI Financial: Terrorists, Cargo Security & the Supply Chain -- Why We Have Our Hands Tied

Happy snowstorms to all!

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