Spend Matters US Weekly Round-Up

Supplier risk is on everybody’s minds at the end of this year, and especially headed into 2011. Jason has created a “maturity scale” for organizations to gauge their risk management behavior: Supplier Management and Supply Risk Management Capability and Maturity Models.

I spoke with the CEO of a very interesting new company called Statz, which seeks to turn all that data you input online into dollars -- for you. “Statz is an intriguing upstart, with an idea that has the potential change the way online data is aggregated and analyzed -- with the added bonus of you, the consumer, getting paid for the information you provide. Many consumers may balk at this idea: after all, who wants to provide truly personal information? That's irrelevant here, because one of the best parts about Statz, in my view, is that they could care less about your actual phone number, zip code, credit card numbers, etc. Where the value lies is in your behavior.”

For some reason, this Afternoon Coffee column was freakishly popular. It talks about Yahoo! staff cuts, some mobile supply chain apps, how to give up your addiction to “instant gratification” (i.e. “buy it now!” on E-Bay, which unfortunately got the better of me yesterday), and a really cool bit of social mapping by an intern at Facebook.

Here’s one that will resonate: The Brits vs. the Yanks: Green Procurement and Supply Chain Practices in Government. Read away. The title speaks for itself.

In more government news, according to an article Jason found, "the government could rate software manufacturers according to their supply chain practices when considering which applications to buy." Yet "the intention behind the ratings isn't to create a blacklist of vendors deemed too risky for federal acquisition, but to identity supply sources that require additional diligence steps." One of the specific criteria in the Fed's rating structure in this case would be the location of actual software development/R&D activity. If you're out of the US, you're out of luck, at least in terms of getting a top rating.

Last but not least, here’s a fun one: The World’s Most Expensive Cars.

- Sheena Moore

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