Spend Matters US Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a big week in “complex categories,” what with Emptoris acquiring Rivermine. Check out the coverage below...

2011 Prediction: Procurement Organizations Refocus Efforts on Complex Categories as a Core Strategy

Emptoris Acquires Rivermine -- Telecom Expense Management Meets Procurement

...and look for further coverage (with scenarios! And metaphors!) next Monday and Tuesday on how actually paying attention to complex categories could save companies millions.

In further M&A news, Jason provides some additional analysis/wrap-up comments on SciQuest and AECsoft: SciQuest Closes AECsoft Acquisition -- Additional Insights on the Deal

In reaction to that particular deal, CVM Solutions sent quite an interesting e-mail to their customers with the title “AECsoft No Longer Supplier Diversity.” Wait, what?? Here’s some commentary on what happens when the business world turns into a gaggle of gossipy teens (and also how we can now categorize AECsoft now that they’re a part of SciQuest):

Supplier Diversity Gets Nasty: Why You Should Ignore the Pettiness (Part 1)

Supplier Diversity Gets Nasty: Why You Should Ignore the Pettiness (Part 2)

And finally, I enjoy any piece of writing that has “creepy” in the headline: Infor Backs Down From a “Creepy” Anonymous Paid Referral Program

Happy New Year all, and welcome back to the grind.

- Sheena Moore

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