Spend Matters US Weekly Round-Up

In very important fast food news: The Golden Arches are charging more gold! Should we take this as a leading or lagging indicator of the future??? Jason says, “By now, you've probably read that McDonalds is planning on raising prices as a result of rising commodity prices. Even though the global fast food giant looks at price increases on a per-country basis -- and has raised prices in China and other markets, due to commodity price increases -- it appears that commodity inflation will directly impact its home market and Europe.”

Guest contributor extraordinaire Sherry Gordon talks about software implementation, and how “automating” doesn’t always equal “optimizing.” She slams us in the face with the reality that “People do not like change, especially in the way that they do their jobs. Software requires both change and change management, and change is often resisted. Even if the change will mean better, cheaper, faster, and easier, it is human nature to try to resist and maintain the status quo.”

This Afternoon Coffee post was especially well-read, and I think it’s because one of the posts was entitled “The Supply Chain of the Future.” (Notice, though, the post about the great outsourcing to China of Wills & Kate’s wedding paraphernalia!).

Batten down the hatches and Get Ready for the Rising Cost of Fuel to Impact Supply Chain Spend: John Haber at NPI says “we believe $100 a barrel may be the tip of the iceberg. Some experts are estimating fuel costs to hit $120+ a barrel in the near future, which is a real possibility. So, what will happen to your supply chain spending?

- Sheena Moore

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