Spend Matters US Weekly Round-up

Forget Kate and Wills, Ariba has acquired Quadrem!! Ariba Announces Quadrem Acquisition -- Mining for Shared Services Spend Gold. Alas, nobody knows what the ring looks like. And Jason surmises that there may be several FUTURE engagements with other companies for Ariba.

Lisa (Editor of MetalMiner) and I are very busy with initial planning for the very first Spend Matters and MetalMiner conference: International Trade Policy Breaking Point: Overhauling Manufacturing Sourcing Strategies, Risk Mitigation Techniques, and Total Landed Cost Models. Can’t make it to Chicago? Fear not. The event will be broadcast live and you’ll be able to watch, learn, and strategize on a wealth of excellent content from the comfort of your own desk.

Bill Busch writes a very interesting piece on how travel expense fraud has been on the rise, seeing a “two-thirds increase from 2006 to 2009.” Where have our corporate standards gone? Where has our employee integrity gone?

Lessons learned from AstraZeneca: How did they save $1.2 billion over three years? Hint: It’s all in supplier relationships. Read the posts; Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

And finally, Jason discusses D&B’s announcement that they’ve gone mobile: D&B Goes Mobile With New Smartphone-Optimized Supply Risk Capability (Part 1) “I can say that a certain subset of highly mobile D&B supply risk users will find the tool (targeted at users of iPhone, Droid and Blackberry devices) invaluable,” he says. Correlating with this theme is my third-favorite song by The Who:

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