Spend Matters says welcome back to work, people!

You remember work don’t you?

Yes, we’re talking to you  – we know you’ve had two weeks of doing nothing related to your job, just lots of eating drinking, family, friends TV, perhaps a bit of Facebook and Twittering, the odd trip out to pub / restaurant / theatre / football match...

But it’s January 7th, and you’re back in that lovely office / warehouse/ school / zoo / shop; although to be fair, if you work in a zoo or a shop, you probably haven’t had two weeks off, or maybe even two days.

By the way, did you see or read about various zoos doing a stocktake of all their creatures? It sounded great fun. Except for counting the ants.  (Do have a look at the great pictures here. Monkeys! Owls! Penguins!)

In my first Saturday job, which I started as a 15 year old, I worked for a neighbour who had been a buyer in a Department store. He bravely left, got his own market stall and quickly became successful with several shops and stalls. So I once spent two early January days in the stock room of his largest shop,  counting the stock – ladies underwear, mainly “seconds” rejected by M&S and similar chains. After counting around 3,000 bras a 16 year old can get rather traumatised...  although perhaps that experience also gave me an affinity for a life in procurement and supply chain management.

Anyway, enough of matters stock-related.  If you haven’t followed Spend Matters over the holiday, then here are some of the things you’ve missed. You might want to catch up...

Our (not very serious) procurement predictions included drama in the eProcurement world, MOD and CIPS...  http://spendmatters.co.uk/spend-matters-procurement-predictions-2013-part-2/ and http://spendmatters.co.uk/spend-matters-procurement-predictions-2013-part-1/

And a mix of serious and not-so for our 2012 Procurement Awards... http://spendmatters.co.uk/spend-matters-uk-europe-2012-procurement-awards/

Cornwall’s Chief Executive walked a long way away (New Zealand) from the outsourcing furore he helped create http://spendmatters.co.uk/cornwall-councils-chief-executive-emigrates-bails-bt-outsource-jv-controversy/

Here is our somewhat philosophical musing on fairness and what it means to procurement http://spendmatters.co.uk/praise-fairness/

To be honest, we cribbed our colleague, Jason Busch’s work here with a piece on Iasta http://spendmatters.co.uk/iasta/

And we despaired at the Department for Transport appointing a generalist civil servant with no Rail or Procurement background to run rail franchising http://spendmatters.co.uk/department-transport-appoint-generalist-career-civil-servant-run-rail-franchising/

And of course we counted down our top 20 albums of 2012 – here is the top five. http://spendmatters.co.uk/albums-year-thetop-five/

Welcome back!


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First Voice

  1. Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen:

    Thanks Peter. I almost had forgotten 🙂 Yes, it is back to business. Back to creating more Procurement Excellence by integrating Innovation, Responsibility and Methods. Another great year.

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