SpendLead Launch Event – See You Tomorrow …

We are looking forward to seeing some of our friends and readers tomorrow evening for the SpendLead launch event at the Waterloo Bar and Kitchen (near Waterloo station - click here for details) at 5.30 – 7.30 pm tomorrow (Tuesday 15th). Free drinks and canapés! We are expecting around 20 people but there is room for a few more, so please do come along if you have an hour or so free.

We will be launching our new White Paper at the event, with copies exclusively available, and I will say a few words about it (just a few, I promise). Titled Marketing the Procurement Function (and yourself!) - How to Gain Credibility, Reputation and Influence, it – well, it does what it says on the tin, we hope.

And if you needed any more incentive to come along, then Jason Busch, the founder of Spend Matters, will be flying in to join us. Come and say hello to the man who probably knows more about procurement technology than anyone else in the world!

Back to SpendLead - if you haven’t taken a look at the website and the tool yet, please do. We’re supporting Fabrice Saporito, the founder, in the launch because we basically think this is a jolly good idea.

SpendLead is a tool to help buyers and sellers link up and “find and be found”. So really, it supports some important concepts for procurement people, such as early market engagement (which the public sector talks about a lot at the moment), market understanding, and communication with suppliers.

SpendLead enables buyers to specify which category areas they are interested in, and them receive short notifications from suppliers in those areas only. The notifications tell us when the supplier has something interesting to communicate – a new case study, a webinar, or similar. The buyer can then choose whether to get more information through a simple “accept” process, all in an easy-to-use, social-media-type format.

So the vision is that a buyer can, in just a few minutes every day or two, find out what is available from suppliers in their market in terms of new information and knowledge, and decide if they want to dig deeper into that material. Much easier than reading every spam email you receive, trawling through the morass of LinkedIn groups, or working out who you should be following on Twitter! It’s free to buyers too, and if you work in a B2B business, by using SpendLead as a buyer you will actually reduce the cost of using the platform to your sales and marketing folk.

Do come along on Tuesday – hope to see you there.

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