State of Flux launch technology division with Lance Younger in charge

State of Flux are well known to regular readers for their annual Supplier Relationship Management study, a thorough, insightful and impressive piece of work. Their core business is consulting, with SRM obviously one of their 'sweet spots'. But they have also for some time marketed software that supports SRM – indeed, it was originally designed to meet specific consulting clients' needs.

We featured the software here, and thought it looked pretty good based on a demo and discussion with Alan Day, the State of Flux founder. (We haven't take up client references as yet).  But one issue was the lack of horsepower behind it – not so much on the development side, as it looked to have pretty extensive capability, but more in terms of how the firm was marketing and selling the product. It felt very much like an add-on to the core consulting business.

So it was interesting to see the recent announcement that Lance Younger has joined the firm to lead a new software division – State of Flux Technologies. That's a bit of a coup for Day, as Younger is a respected figure in the industry. His background is very broad, encompassing line management and consulting, procurement and wider general management roles with organisations including Nissan, Cap Gemini, Ariba and latterly Goldman Sachs where he led EMEA Services procurement and financial management.

He's an impressive individual, and, although I don't know him very well, I’ve found him very personable and credible when I have met him. He's also from my part of the world, and I may even forgive him for having Tyne origins, as opposed to my Wearsider credentials...

In terms of the new role, he's not a software salesman, which may prove to be a positive and / or a negative. But the intent is to drive the software product both within the current State of Flux consulting client base and beyond. So watch this space to see where he takes this business – and if you are looking to take SRM to the next level, or indeed to implement it properly from the beginning, the software product is definite worth a look.

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