State of Flux Technologies Becomes Statess – We Fail To think of a Good Joke….

lanceWe first reported here on the software offering from State of Flux, the consulting firm that has carved out a leading position as supplier relationship management experts. The firm recruited Lance Younger (pictured here) just over a year ago to run that part of the business, and today they announced that the software division (previously known as State of Flux Technologies) will have its own clear identity, and a new name, “Statess.

I guess that “state” element has a connection with the parent firm, but it is an odd name! It is pronounced “state-ess” apparently, although we think it might be more fun to call it “state-sssssssssss” and make a sort of snake-like hissing noise at the end.

The disappointing thing with Statess is that there are no jokes we can make about other entities or people with that name. Remember the fun we had with Proxima? And Odesma, the new firm founded by Ed Cross and Steve Trainor recently, enabled us to mention the Dutch fashion model who shares the same name. But Statess?

No sharing of a name with a dodgy Finnish metal rock band, no experimental mind-altering drugs, no catwalk models. The only thing we could find is some US university programme; all very dull! However, we assume State of Flux perceives this as a positive rather than a negative, and presumably it will make searching for the name easier once they establish a Google presence.

In any case, when we caught up with Younger recently, he said that the software business is going well; with a good number of blue-chip names added to their client list over the last 12 months. Almost by definition, clients tend to be large firms; firms who can make the business case to really invest in SRM are likely to have suppliers who are both large and critical and are therefore likely to be large themselves.

So the new client list includes Centrica, IAG, Friends Life and Ladbrokes, with some big prospects on the horizon in Europe and the USA. The partner ecosystem has also developed strongly, with links to consulting firms as well as other software providers such as Coupa and Wax Digital who don’t have real SRM capability in their own product offering. And new functionality has been added to the product in supplier innovation management, performance management, risk management and sustainability/corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Statess will face increasing competition, we suspect; other software firms are strengthening their own SRM capabilities, to pick up on the growing realisation that this is an important area and also that some appropriate tools can greatly increase the chance of an SRM programme actually working (and many still don’t). But their main competitor, according to Younger, is still “Excel and DIY.”

And of course Statess has the advantage of being purely focused on SRM, and has the expertise of the consulting firm behind it – people who understand the field as well as anyone and better than almost everyone. We wish Statess (sssssss) good luck!

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