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Money 2 - sepiaThe annual State of Flux Supplier Relationship Management report has been an impressive piece of work for seven years now. It is based on a wide survey of hundreds of practitioners, and in recent years has included supply side views too. But as well as the pure survey data, the worth of the report comes from the added value provided by analysis, case studies and good practice recommendations that the firm add into the mix for the final document.

State of Flux is now gathering data for the next report, and invites responses to the survey – you can complete it here. As well as contributing to the greater good, and making it a better final product, you will receive a free copy of the report when it is issued. (It retails for £999 otherwise. No, I made that up, but it is not generally available free of charge to those who didn't contribute). You will also be able to benchmark your performance against others in the survey.

In recent years, the report has highlighted weaknesses in areas such as a lack of skills to implement SRM and poor technology support. It has also picked up on the boom in organisations seeking “innovation” from their key suppliers, and consistently promotes the (entirely sensible) idea that buy-in from senior stakeholders in the business who are close to those suppliers is a critical success factor for any SRM programme.

We've also found it interesting to compare the views from the buy side and the sell side, which highlight different perspectives of the overall process – and the need to make sure suppliers truly benefit from SRM as well as buyers.

Anyway, there is more information here, so take a look and do consider completing the survey.

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