Steve Morgan (MOD) and Gail Roberts (Proxima) take up new roles

Congratulations to Steve Morgan who has been appointed to the number 2 commercial / procurement role in the MOD's Defence Equipment and Support organisation. (We had the scoop on the role back in July).

Morgan, a native of Ohio I believe, will report to Les Mosco even though the job is graded at the same (SCS2) level. Morgan has worked in the UK for some years, most recently as Capital Director at BAA, the airport operator, and before that as of Sellafield as director of Commercial Management. He also previously worked in the US Defence Logistics Agency after a career in the US Navy.

I've only met him socially, but he is an imposing, impressive and charismatic individual, a natural leader and his military background would be no surprise to anyone who has met him. He was also CIPS Professional of the Year a few years back. He's not a youngster however (no offence, Steve) – he is older than Mosco and although he could still be his successor, that's not a done deal I suspect. Mosco is going to be around for some time to come anyway.

MOD have also appointed Neil Thompson (ex National Grid) and Colin Willoughby (ex General Dynamics) to SCS 1 roles that were also advertised at the time. We assume the rest of those available jobs have been filled by internal candidates.

In another appointment, former Royal Mint supply chain director Gail Roberts has joined Proxima, leading procurement outsourcing provider. Proxima have made a few senior level appointments over the last couple of years, deepening their management strength well beyond the founders of the company and demonstrating their move into the big league of service providers.

Good luck to Morgan and Roberts and a happy new year to them in their new jobs!

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