Strategic issues in refuse collection (and a laugh…)

This story was told to me by someone who was a witness to this event - and is absolutely trustworthy...

There’s been a lot of debate about waste collection in the UK and in particular how frequently the “binmen” (refuse collection operatives) should collect rubbish from households. Should it be once a week, once a fortnight, or a staggered collection of different types of waste?  There are obviously cost, efficiency, public health and convenience aspects. Stories about increasing rat populations have hit the popular press; meanwhile council budgets are stretched, despite central Government now making more money available for councils to revert to weekly collections.

Anyway, this District Council was meeting to debate the issues and whether to move their district from a weekly collection to a collection every two weeks. Costs would obviously be reduced - on the other hand, the public (who are also the voters of course) might not be very happy. Indeed, the the possible public response was debated at some length by the councillors present.  Then one Councillor, previously silent, spoke up.

“It's not the householders I'm worried about.  It's the binmen. What will they do all those weeks when they’re not working”?

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