Summer Procurement Reading – Good Content From Consulting Firms

Now the summer holidays are here, and the British rain steadily falls, we are going to suggest some reading that will keep you busy through those long days when suppliers aren’t calling, the boss is on a beach and can’t nag you for your latest “savings projections” (made with your normal attention to detail and keen analysis of course, not just knocked up in 10 minutes by multiplying spend category totals by 5%). Maybe that awkward stakeholder has even stopped whingeing about the supplier selection process that eliminated the firm whose account manager takes him out for a three-bottle lunch every quarter.

So today, some worthwhile reports from consulting and software firms that you might have missed over the last few months. We make no apology for starting with “Collaborating for Category Management Success - Bridging the Performance and Value Gap” - the Future Purchasing (FP) Category Management Leadership report.

Nancy Clinton and I had some input into this but it is very much the work of Mark Webb and the team at FP, a team that knows more about category management than literally any other consulting firm in the world that we know. The report gives the results of the biggest CatMan survey around, but is much more than that, and will help you build a business case or develop your programme further if you are already into CatMan. You can request a copy here and on the FP website you can find bite-sized pieces of content from the report which are very good too.

As Future Purchasing are to CatMan, State of Flux are to SRM (supplier relationship management) and their Global SRM Research Report is essential reading in that field. By the way, we do get some comments occasionally about our independence at Spend Matters and how “real” it is. Well, unlike FP, State of Flux has never paid Spend Matters UK a penny for commercial work but we still recommend their report and their capabilities in the SRM field. Again, a niche firm who understand their core topic better than any of the giant consulting firms. You can request a copy here.

Talking of firms who never work with us ... we had a bit of a go at some of the graphics in the Deloitte Global CPO Survey, but it is a thought-provoking and insightful report that is worth reading. Whilst the specific survey results at times paint a slightly depressing picture of the profession, with CPOs apparently lacking some confidence in their own abilities, the contribution from Deloitte itself to the debate is interesting and useful around topics such as digital. It is available here.

More recently, we have featured the Science Warehouse Procurement Trends report, which has some interesting observations on the state of maturity of the procurement world – it is available here, free on registration.

And for something a little different, we applauded Wax Digital’s “secret diary of an overworked procurement manager” as a somewhat different tale on the pressures facing many in growing firms or situations where investment in procurement has not been forthcoming.

Happy reading!

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