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Our colleague at Spend Matters US, Pierre Mitchell, has one of the biggest brains in the procurement world. That is a fact – it has been assessed by the most advanced brain-measuring technology at the University of Hartlepool. His was found to be matched in the procurement world only by Andrew Cox and was over 16.85% larger than the average for Fortune 500 CPOs, and 73.2% larger than the average Marketing VP.

OK, we made that up, but Pierre does have extraordinary insight into procurement processes, technology, and performance. Now, he has produced a paper, more of a short e-book really, which takes an insightful look at category management.

It’s available free to download on registration and is called Supercharging Category Management: Free Yourself from Siloed Sourcing to Unlock Breakthrough Value.

Here is how our colleagues describe it:

“In a world where procurement organizations are continuously tasked to do more with less, we'll take you way beyond the 2x2 matrix and to a place where cross-functional, multidimensional category management goes way beyond cost savings. And we'll tell you how technology fits every step of the way, with case studies and real-life examples. It's time to supercharge your category management”.

It takes on some of the tricky CatMan issues that tend to be glossed over by many practitioners and consultants. The apparently simple stage of defining categories for instance throws up issues that can have a real affect on value. And what about those even more sensitive “make versus buy” questions and tricky supply chain tiering issues? Here’s a short extract from the e-book.

“The problem also gets even dicier when you consider internal expenditures concurrently with external expenditures. I call this big spend management. Take transportation services as another example. Is transportation management an external spend category or an internal business process? Well, it’s both. Transportation procurement is both a procurement issue and a transportation management issue.

The transportation group within logistics and procurement must work together to objectively source transportation services, including the make or buy decision, and to then manage that transportation process and spend regardless of whether it’s internal spend, tier-one supplier spend or even buried within another spend category. For example, inbound sourcing costs are often hidden within unit prices and need to be unbundled from prepaid to collect in order to be visible and thus potentially managed, such as using your inbound transportation network if it is more cost-effective than your suppliers outbound transportation network”.

We guarantee this document will both make you think about how you currently execute category management and help you achieve more from those processes. Download it today.

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